Anco Brouwers-Branderhorst - Textile Artist / Art Quilter

About me - Biography

In 1990 I visited the Quilt Expo II in The Hague, here I became so enthusiastic about all the different possibilities with quilts that I decided to design and to make my own quilts.
My previous study, HBO Textile Art and Design, was a good basis for this purpose. To continue my development I have been following different workshops in design, use of colour, dying- and printing fabric given by Michael James, Elisabeth Bush, Ann Johnston, and Heide Stoll-Weber.

My quilts are exhibited from 1992 in judged- and solo exhibitions in galleries, museums, and in many different locations at home and abroad. Furthermore, my work has been published in several books and magazines.

Since 1996 my work has been selected for national- and international exhibitions like: European Art Quilt, European Quilt Triennial, Quilt Expo, Quilt Nihon Exhibition and Exna IV, Patchwork Contemporain Suisse and Européen.