Anco Brouwers-Branderhorst - Textile Artist / Art Quilter

Personal Statement

As long as I can remember I love textiles because of the flexibility, softness, texture, colour, patterns and all the possibilities the material has to offer.

The inspiration for my work is divers; it can be a theme, geometric forms, a fabric or a special aspect from a country such as light, colour, design or architecture.
Recurring features in my work are: simplicity, rest, repetition, contrast, colourgradation, harmony, balance and a surprising element.

The most important goal of my work is realizing my ideas and discovering the potential of textile and quilting. I’m always searching for new ways for working with textile. Furthermore, I’m searching for the boundaries where I ask myself: how far can I go, is it still a quilt, what can I do with the material, how can I integrate other material than fabric in my quilt?

I like to exhibit my work in judged or solo exhibitions in our country and abroad. I hope my quilts will give people pleasure, surprising them and giving them the feeling of harmony which I try to realize in my work.